Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gimme Some Advice!

My friends deperately.. depress... I need her.. how am I to help her? I have no idea where she go... I missed her happiness.. seems like it's been forever since she's been gone...

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am SHOCKED!!! By finding out that my friend knows my relative. But I didn't know my relative KNEW HER..So I'm SHOCKED..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why must this happen to me? I made my mistake..

Currently at home with MC....and i'm gonna stay low and humble this time...enough is enough...no more falling for girls...no more chasing after them...and I really didn't stalk HER okay... i freaking depress and stressing....I wish Jesus would become back now.. We are still waiting for ur second coming Lord!!!!!!



OUCH !! OUCH! !!! blister on my feet...just came back from clinic with a bandage on my feet...and felt heart broken cause...i was f*cking stupid enough to do stupid things....stupid enough that i can't tell u...okay maybe i would tell u guys......

the person i currently like June 2009 is a heart breaker..... at first i thought we were friends...again...THAN WTF HAPPEN? Lim told me she ask him to tell me to stay away...and than....the person i like is chatting with me half......i felt so blood red wounded heart broken...bcuz of a single sentence...

Wad am i so suppose to do with my LIFE? WAD?.... :'( i hate u guys!!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ahh.....just came back from Kg. Bakok, Raub, Pahang Darul Makmur. It was like a 4 hour journey.....but IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! freaking awesome....okay i tell u the story. I reach my church at 6:??am something....and than when it reached 7:30....we ACTUALLY had to fetch my friend from his house....so my friend called his mom....the mom answered and actually talk like for 10 seconds and than hang up. My friend suspected she scold him...
SO when we reached his house his hair was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! like a chicken HEAD. Btw i went in a van....the whole van LAUGHED.....ahh...* takes air * So we continued our journey until we reached Raub and ate lunch and i ate char siew fun. And we continued our journey...VERY vERY bumpy....seriously...my fren the chicken head named Emmanuel....we hit his head on the van like 3 TIMES....CONTINUESELY!!!! i was like OMG hahah.... so we reached Kg. Bakok and got down....
To go to my point was THE JUMPING OFF BRIGDE!!! OMG man it was AWESOME...sadly they didn't take pictures....SIENZZZZ...`-_-" crap them!!!! but at first i was FREAKING scared than my friend jumped so i say WAD THE HELL and than i jumped...but Emmanuel took so time to jump. Nicholas ( my friend that i say WTH ), Emmanuel and I do....Do, Re, Mi....one by one jumped and emmanuel was the last. It took him 10 minutes to jump down from do re mi...
So than after we jumped down he went back up AND JUMP DOWN IN 2 SECONDS...we were all like WTF eh Emmanuel u could have done that earlier la...Stupid fella..so that's all......for now...OH YEAH and i got souvenir...cuz i jumped 7 times...and the 2nd time i jumped they ask for canon ball and i landed on my knees......so my left knee is like blood dots all over....i was like AHAH souvenir....thank you Jesus! Oh yeah and Nicholas went in the water FACE PLANT MAN!!!!!!!! how awesome is that....he actually tripped on a wood on the brigde WHILE jumping...and face plant the river...FULL FORCE and he said he lungs almost burst out...oo...how awesome man....awesome... the ppl there worship the Lord like he was ACTUALLY there..i mean like his presence was very strong....the Holy Spirit really filled their hearts and blessed them.....TQ cya!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Y:Fusion Outing...AWESOME MAN!!!!

Ahh.....nothing to do as a fresh start than to sleep at 12AM and wake up at 0640AM -_-" . Anyways....today i went to Bukit Lagong behind FRIM(in Selayang actually). First we reached there and we start of by prayer ( 60 seconds..xD so short..) and than praise & worship. Than Tansra was GM of the ice -breaker... we played ' Shout The Name Out Loud That Is Behind The Curtain '. Actually i dunno wad is the name of the game...So...after that had a sandwich and than.....JUNGLE....TREKKING...!!!It was AWESOME...

Ok, the story goes like this..

We were lead by Ernest(one of the people at Bukit Lagong ), we walk and walk until we reached the jungle. Than we started climbing...there were tree trunks everywhere and vines that Tarzan swings on..( I actually did swing on it a "few" times ). So it was a very slippery terrain and thank God I brought my shoes man cuz the terrain is so steep. So than I all of a sudden i went beserk & hyper! God gave me this pontiental strength for very very good reasons. Later, there were trees with thorns and mud + water in so places. Wilson & Peggy spoiled their slippers...I was like OMG!!! Plus, Wilson threw his slippers away and left it in the jungle but Peggy hold on to hers. So...Peggy like walk the whole jungle BARED FOOTED 3/4 of the jungle trek. Wilson i didn't know cuz he was far behind..But I went hyper straight up to the Ernest beside him helping to pull people up from steep slopes and help them get down from down slopes. Beatrice....was like Emmanuel(my very close church friend)'s crush and i like hold Beatrice's hand for like 2 minutes bcuz of the slippery terrain and of course there was Trester(Beatrice's sister (actually not related)). She(Trester) hold Beatrice's hand like forever for the whole jungle trekking thing. And than she almost fell but i grabbed her. And so continuing..when there was a ditch and the girls were in front of me and they like were so scared and stop...and I was still hyper so i went first and jump + grab on a tree trunk and swing myself down to the ditch. And than i start holding peoples hand again...the front part was like all the 13 - 16 year old girls...XD and i hold every single one of their hands. So i helped and than moved on...moving moving moving SUDDENLY Ernest stopped and show us a leech that was on his feet..everyone behind went like panic(in a calm way) and his feet was bleeding the whole trial through the jungle plus i didn't EVEN GET A SINGLE LEECH ON ME :'( crap la..i thought can bring home a souvenir...anyway quite a few people kena the leech thing...so...we walk and walk and we walk until i also got tried but when i got tried I was needed anymore cuz we were at 93/4//10 of the jungle trekking thing ...so we got of it and try to find the fastest route to our shelter...AWE wad an AWESOME day man,...and we got our King and Queen.....K = Wilson bared footed + threw away slippers(very brave) Q = Peggy bared footed + woman strength through God' grace(GENG MAN i meant GIRL!!!) Well, next story will continue later after a 3 minute break. But my Jungle Trekking story fnish already ok!?